The Veiled Throne and Webtoons

September update

The publication date for The Veiled Throne (third of four books in the Dandelion Dynasty) is less than two months away! To the updates then we go.

Reviews for The Veiled Throne

Early trade reviews for the book are coming in. Kirkus and Publishers Weekly both gave it starred reviews.

From Kirkus:

But ultimately, it’s Liu’s poetic style that makes this book so memorable: “We are embedded in strands of love and hatred, a web that glows in the sunlight of history, bedecked in pearls of blood and fragments of bone.”

This is a shelf-bending fantasy masterwork: as good as it gets.

From Publishers Weekly:

Liu’s world is lively, fluid, and above all, original, populated with nuanced characters, mighty flying lizards, sentient narwhals, and living books. Wooden submarines, large scale shadow puppet plays, and airships made of bamboo and silk powered by “silkmotic force” add to the dazzling atmospherics as Liu mixes the drama of heroic wuxia battles with twisty intrigues and the characters’ ever-shifting priorities, balancing each element to create the epic feel of real history.

The most important review of all, of course, will have to come from you. Not much longer to wait now!

Special Edition of the Dandelion Dynasty for Collectors

My UK publisher, Head of Zeus, is collaborating with The Broken Binding to produce a special edition of the Dandelion Dynasty for collectors.

There will be 352 (300 numbered + 52 lettered) hardback copies of The Grace of Kings, The Wall of Storms and The Veiled Throne with new artwork for the covers, as well as sprayed and stencilled edges. I will be signing all the copies in this exclusive, limited edition.

They are absolutely gorgeous.

The special edition will be released in November and will be available for pre-order from 12pm on September 19th (UK time). 

The Paper Menagerie Webtoon

Manta Comics is turning four of the stories in The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories into webtoons. I’ve long enjoyed reading webtoons, but this is my first time being adapted into the medium. It was really fun working with the artists and editors. I’m looking forward to my stories being presented to a new audience.

The four stories that have been adapted are “The Paper Menagerie,” “The Perfect Match,” “Simulacrum,” and “The Regular.” The first, “The Paper Menagerie,” with artist Sena Han and editor Janice Mun, is being released on September 18. You can download the Manta app to read the stories.

That’s it. Happy September, and thank you, as always.